SAMEBIKE - Warranty Policy


At, we offer SAMEBIKEs with a clear and comprehensive after-sales service policy. Our commitment is to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience with your SAMEBIKE.

Warranty Details:

Our SAMEBIKE warranty covers the following components for the periods specified:

  • Electric Parts: 1 Year for battery, motor, controller, charger, display, and pedal assist issues not arising from customer misuse or external damage.
  • Metal Parts: 1 Year for the frame, fork, seat post, handle bar, and stem against defects like deformation or cracking under normal use conditions.
  • Driving System: 1 Year for the throttle, brake lever, and disc device, ensuring smooth operation as per SAMEBIKE standards.

For easily damaged parts like grips, saddles, pedals, tires, and mudguards, no warranty is provided due to the nature of their use.

Claim Submission:

To file a warranty claim:

  1. Provide clear evidence of the issue (photos or videos).
  2. Include a detailed description of the problem.
  3. Send the above, along with your order number and purchase date, to

After-Sales Support:

  • Within the warranty period, if a part is deemed faulty and not caused by misuse, we will supply replacement parts at no additional shipping cost.
  • After the warranty period, we can still provide parts at cost, with the customer responsible for shipping fees.
  • Troubleshooting assistance and technical support are available to guide you through repairs or part replacement.

Transportation and Customer-Related Issues:

  • If the bike is received with significant transport damage, claims should be made immediately to the courier. For minor paint scratches from transit, compensation may be offered.
  • Any problems resulting from improper use or self-repair attempts fall outside the warranty scope.

Returns and Exchanges:

Returns or exchanges are only supported when there's a quality issue confirmed by our after-sales service. Products returned without a clear, approved warranty claim, or for reasons other than quality defects, may incur additional costs.

Contact Us:

For any questions or further assistance, please reach out to our customer service at or via chat option on our website. We aim to respond promptly and resolve any concerns swiftly.