HITWAY - BK29: 18AH Battery, 500W Motor, Up to 80km Range
HITWAY - BK29: 18AH Battery, 500W Motor, Up to 80km Range
HITWAY - BK29: 18AH Battery, 500W Motor, Up to 80km Range
HITWAY - BK29: 18AH Battery, 500W Motor, Up to 80km Range
HITWAY - BK29: 18AH Battery, 500W Motor, Up to 80km Range
HITWAY - BK29: 18AH Battery, 500W Motor, Up to 80km Range

HITWAY - BK29: 18AH Battery, 500W Motor, Up to 80km Range

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Specification Detail
Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Motor Type High-speed toothed brushless motor
Unfolding Size 1630*660*1110mm
Motor Rated No-Load Speed 380±10r/min
Hub Form Wire Spoke Wheel
Wheel Size 20 inches
Charger Output 54.6V 2.0A
Charger Input 100-240V 50/60Hz 3.04
Package Size 1360*300*850mm
Undervoltage Protection Value 39V
Overcurrent Protection Value 20A±1A
Maximum Load 120kg (264.55lbs)
Charging Time 7.5-8.5 hours
Maximum Speed 25Km/h (15mph)
Instrument Display Multifunctional LCD screen
Mileage 55-80km (Varies by conditions)
Front Lighting Yes
Battery Type 21700 Lithium Ion Power Battery
Braking Method Front disc brake + Rear disc brake
Battery Capacity 15AH
Battery Rated Voltage 48V
Motor Rated Power 500W
Tire Style Pneumatic Tires
Tire Specifications 20x4.0, American air valve (AV)
Transmission 7S
Front Fork Yes

Advanced Electric Bike Design

Electric Bike Design

Powered by a high-speed toothed brushless motor, this bike offers a seamless blend of power and precision. With a no-load speed of 380±10r/min and a robust 500W motor, you're equipped to conquer any terrain, from steep inclines to bustling city streets.

Versatile Terrain Tires

Experience unmatched mobility with a 20-inch wire spoke wheel and pneumatic tires, ensuring a smooth ride across various surfaces. The innovative 7-speed transmission system adapts to your riding style, offering the perfect balance of speed and control.

Battery Technology

The heart of our electric bike is its 21700 lithium-ion power battery, boasting a 15AH capacity and a 48V rated voltage. Enjoy extended rides with a mileage of 50-80km, supported by a quick charging time of just 7.5-8.5 hours, ensuring you're ready to explore without limits.

Shock Absorbing Seat

Safety is paramount, which is why our bike features front and rear disc brakes for reliable stopping power. The multifunctional LCD screen keeps you informed, while front lighting enhances visibility for night rides. The front fork suspension and a maximum load capacity of 120kg (264.55lbs) ensure a comfortable ride, regardless of the terrain.

Bike Dimensions

Whether you're navigating the urban jungle or exploring off-road trails, our electric bike is your gateway to adventure. With its powerful motor, advanced battery, and comprehensive safety features, it's designed to take you further, faster, and with more enjoyment than ever before.

Shock Absorption System

Join the ranks of riders who demand more from their bikes – more power, more range, and more adventure. With our electric bike, you're not just choosing a mode of transportation; you're choosing a lifestyle. Elevate your cycling experience today.

Unlock the Ultimate Riding Experience with Our Advanced Electric Bike

Elevate your journey with the latest in cycling innovation, designed for the enthusiast who seeks both adventure and efficiency. Our electric bike, crafted from premium aluminum alloy, combines durability with sleek aesthetics, ensuring a ride that's as stylish as it is robust.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Advanced Electric Bike

Q: What material is used for the body of the electric bike?

A: Our electric bike's body is crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, offering a lightweight yet sturdy frame for both urban commuting and off-road adventures.

Q: How powerful is the motor on the electric bike?

A: The bike is equipped with a high-speed toothed brushless motor rated at 500W power, delivering top-notch performance with a no-load speed of 380±10r/min.

Q: What is the size of the wheels on the bike?

A: The electric bike features 20-inch wire spoke wheels with 20x4.0 pneumatic tires, providing excellent grip and stability on a variety of terrains.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

A: The 48V 15AH lithium-ion power battery can be fully charged in just 7.5 to 8.5 hours, readying you for extended rides ranging from 50 to 80 kilometers.

Q: Can the battery be removed from the electric bike?

A: Yes, the battery is designed to be removable for convenient charging and storage.

Q: What is the maximum load the electric bike can handle?

A: The bike can support a maximum load of 120kg (264.55lbs), making it suitable for riders of various sizes and carrying additional gear.

Q: Is the electric bike equipped with lights for night riding?

A: Absolutely, the bike includes bright headlights to enhance visibility and safety during night rides.

Q: What type of brakes does the electric bike have?

A: For your safety, the bike features a dual disc braking system, with both front and rear disc brakes providing reliable stopping power.

Q: Does the electric bike have a suspension system?

A: Yes, it boasts a comfortable shock absorption system with a sophisticated front suspension that reduces bumps and protects your spine for a smoother ride.

Q: What transmission does the electric bike use?

A: Our electric bike utilizes a 7-speed transmission system, allowing for a customizable riding experience and efficient handling across various riding conditions.

Q: How can I track my riding metrics?

A: The bike is equipped with a multifunctional LCD screen that displays your riding metrics, such as speed, distance, and battery life, to keep you informed throughout your journey.

Q: Is the electric bike suitable for off-road trails?

A: Definitely, its robust construction, powerful motor, and all-terrain tires make it an excellent choice for off-road exploration.