HITWAY BK7 Electric Bike
HITWAY BK7 Electric Bike
HITWAY BK7 Electric Bike
HITWAY BK7 Electric Bike
HITWAY BK7 Electric Bike

HITWAY BK7 Electric Bike: Matte Black Majesty with High-Performance Versatility

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Product Description:

Introducing the HITWAY BK7, an electric bike that perfectly encapsulates the essence of modern mobility and high-energy efficiency. Designed for the eco-conscious rider with a flair for style, the BK7 in its matte black and blue colorway is as much a fashion statement as it is a testament to high-performance versatility.

Key Attributes:

  • Frame: Crafted from premium aluminum alloy for lightweight strength
  • Wheel Size: Robust 26" wheels with a 2.6" width for superior grip and ride comfort
  • Power: Powered by a 36V 11.2Ah lithium battery, delivering 0-25km/h speed with sustained energy
  • Braking System: Reliable disc brakes for front and rear, offering exceptional control and safety

Performance Specifications:

  • Range per Power: Achieve 31-60 km on a single charge, redefining the limits of your adventures
  • Max Speed: Capable of speeds up to 30km/h to keep you moving fast on the track or trail
  • Charging Time: Rapid recharge in over 3 hours for less downtime and more exploration

Advanced Features:

  • Display: A multifunctional LCD screen provides real-time data to monitor your journey
  • Lighting: Equipped with LED lights for enhanced visibility and safety
  • Torque: Impressive 30-50 Nm for a powerful ride across all terrains

Packaging & Delivery:

  • Contents: Each BK7 comes with an electric bike, charger, and manual, ensuring you have everything you need
  • Net Weight: A manageable 24kg, making it easy to transport and maneuver

Whether you're commuting through the urban sprawl or cruising down country lanes, the HITWAY BK7 is your ideal companion, combining eco-friendliness with raw power and stunning design.

Explore Further, Faster: The HITWAY BK7 Awaits Your Command